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3" d x 12" h Santa Rosa

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Three in stock! If you want more, we will be glad to order some for you and let you know as soon as they arrive. It may take a couple months.

(Not Shown.) Candle sizes shown, from left to right:  3" x 8"; 3" x 4"; 3" x 6"; 3" x 3"; and 3" x 5".

The 3" x 12" size is a substantial candle and looks terrific in a grouping. Santa Rosa church candles are handmade and stamped in gold with the name of the patron saint of the workshop. They are hand poured and tinted with amber for a luxurious amber jaune glow. Unscented.

Colors and dimensions of these handmade candles vary slightly. If you order them as a pair, we will make sure they closely match.

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